Gary Payton


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Gary Payton Cannabis is a hybrid cannabis strain with a balanced blend of indica and sativa effects. It is a cross between two classic strains, OG Kush and White Widow. This strain has an enticing aroma of pine, citrus, and earthy tones. The buds of Gary Payton Cannabis are dense and dark green, covered in a thick layer of trichomes. When smoked, this strain produces a smooth smoke with an earthy, piney flavor. The effects of Gary Payton Cannabis are strong and long-lasting. It produces an uplifting, energizing high that can be quite cerebral. It also provides an overall body relaxation that can help to alleviate physical pain and stress. Overall, Gary Payton Cannabis is a great strain for those looking for an energizing, uplifting high that can also provide relief from physical discomfort. It is recommended for daytime or evening use.

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