555 Guys THC Pre-Roll Joint

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Fancy a quick smoke but cant really bring your self to roll it yourself? Dont worry we got your covered buddy! 555 Guys have launched in Thailand with their leading Indica Dominant Hybrid Mix. A Pre Roll designed to be perfect for novice smokers those looking for something to relax without getting their socks blown off! A beautiful blend of their organically grown high quality THC Cannabis packed into a perfectly rolled Joint.

Each Pre Roll is 1 Gram of Pure Cannabis


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Who Is 555 Guys?

555 Guys are a local Cannabis cultivator who specialize in Pre-Rolled Joints for the Cannabis Market in Thailand.

With years of expertise stemming from their operations in the USA they have formulated a number of blends designed for different consumers in the Thai market based on their success and research.

We have been lucky enough to become a distributor for 555 Guys in Thailand and will be bringing all of their blends to market and to our loyal customers as they release them which is certainly something to keep an eye on your inbox for our updates! We love how they didn’t just decide to go for the super strength mind blowing cannabis pre-rolls and actually took the time to think of the wider market who might be looking for an “on-the-go” product or something for daytime consumption.

If you are someone looking for a pre-rolled product which wont have you hiding under the bed then this is certainly a product we would recommend.

How do I know this isn’t another dud Pre-Roll?

Well, the cannabis space in Thailand is one of the most competitive and reputation is everything in todays world of reviews and online media. So we defend ours to the bitter end. This means we test every single product that we put to market, Now that doesn’t mean we just give them to our heaviest stoner friends and associates, this means multiple weeks of testing and feedback from us to any company we come into contact with before we will stock their product.

We have an ethos here are buy weed Thailand and we stick by that so you buy products from us that leave you coming back time and again.


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